The new Najad 395

Najad introduces a new model which will open a new way in the future of the Company. In fact, after more than twenty years of collaboration, Najad has decided to move from the Jüdel & Vrolijk office and to go for Bruce Farr Y.D. It is a coming back in a certain way, as in the past the Swedish Yard built the famous range of the succesfull Farr Pilot House. The new model is going to play on a sector vital for Najad, that of the forty footers, for which the Swedish Yard built such good selling models as the N390-391 and the N375-380, for example. The new N395 will precisely be a new milestone on this market niche: its roomy interior will sign a reference point. The presence of two models differently characterised, one Aft Cockpit and one Central Cockpit will be also novelty. The first one, with two wheels has a huge uncluttered cockpit, with a long walk-way from the companion to the stern platform. The second, with a huge sun-bathing platform over the aft cabin coach-roof will have an uncluttered cockpit too, thanks to the main-sheet traveller being runned on an arch. Notwithstanding this, the two models will have a very similar look, with the big red coveta line of older times coming back again. Please, have a look to further information about the two versions on our web-site and ask us for any curiosity this new model could inspire to you!