The Schooner Niña Luisita in our listings

The Niña Luisita schooner is one of the best preserved vessels in the classic boats fleet, as she still keeps her fully original interior. This was never modified and it keeps all its “Belle époque” flavour spartiate and elegant typical of that period between the two World wars. In her 90 years of life, she had as owners only two families, the present one since 1971. She is a very well known boat in Italian waters and she has kept also her original schooner rig and deck lay-out, thought her masts are no longer the original ones. The stay-sail schooner rig had its best moments during the Twenties and Thirties of last century. Today the Niña Luisita needs deep refit work, but the quoted costs do not exceed the commercial value of this beautiful vessel, even considering her purchasing price.

El Niña Luisita en una regata
The Niña Luisita sailing up-wind during a race