An interesting schooner on our brokerage listings

The Papaya is probably the only Scia 50 out of the eleven built sailing under Spanish registration. Carlo Sciarrelli was a Naval Architect very known in Italy, where he is still highly regarded and respected (he was grouchy), in particular among the classic boats lovers. His boats however were not classics, they were modern at the time he designed them and he stopped designing when he was asked to draw lines inappropriate to his concept of a yacht. Sciarrelli had strong ideas of what needs a sailor that really wishes to sail out there and the schooner rig, among others appeared to him the best suited for deep blue cruising, due to its flexible combination of sails all of them easy to handle. Modern electro-hydraulic driven junk make easy to handle a vessel, but they are boring for lack of activity on the long term of a blue water cruise… It is a different vision of the sail life, that I personally share and in which I found a partial answer to the problem of the lower numbers of sailing passionates we are witnessing nowadays… Coming back to the Scia 50, it was Sciarrelli’s biggest commercial succes and time has confirmed that it is an easy to sail and to manage boat.